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20 French Phrases You Need to Know When Staying in Hostels in France


When traveling to France, staying in hostels is a fantastic way to meet new people and save money. To make your stay more enjoyable, it’s beneficial to know some basic French phrases. Here’s a guide to 20 essential French phrases that will help you navigate hostel life in France.

1. Bonjour/Bonsoir – Good Morning/Good Evening

A simple “Bonjour” (in the morning) or “Bonsoir” (in the evening) can go a long way in starting your day or evening on a friendly note.

2. Parlez-vous anglais ? – Do you speak English?

While it’s appreciated if you try to speak French, sometimes you may need to find someone who speaks English, especially for complex questions or issues.

3. Je voudrais réserver un lit, s’il vous plaît. – I would like to reserve a bed, please.

This phrase is crucial if you haven’t made a reservation in advance and are doing a walk-in booking.


4. Combien coûte une nuit ? – How much does one night cost?

Knowing how to ask the price of a night’s stay will help you budget your trip better.

5. Où est ma chambre ? – Where is my room?

Upon checking in, this question will help you find your way to your room.

6. Le mot de passe Wi-Fi, s’il vous plaît ? – The Wi-Fi password, please?

Staying connected is essential, so don’t forget to ask for the Wi-Fi password.

7. Pouvez-vous recommander un bon restaurant ? – Can you recommend a good restaurant?

Hostel staff usually know the best local dining spots, so this question can lead you to some culinary gems.

8. Où est la salle de bain ? – Where is the bathroom?

A practical question, especially after a long journey to the hostel.

9. À quelle heure est le petit-déjeuner ? – What time is breakfast?

Most hostels offer breakfast, and it’s a great way to fuel up before a day of exploring.

10. J’ai oublié ma clé. – I forgot my key.

If you ever find yourself locked out of your room, this phrase will come in handy.

11. Pouvez-vous m’aider ? – Can you help me?

This general phrase is useful in various situations where you require assistance.

12. Où est l’arrêt de bus/la station de métro ? – Where is the bus stop/subway station?

Knowing how to ask for directions to public transportation is essential.

13. Avez-vous des casiers ? – Do you have lockers?

Security is important, so check if the hostel provides lockers for your valuables.

14. Je suis allergique à [allergen]. – I am allergic to [allergen].

This is a vital phrase if you have allergies, especially when it comes to food.

15. Est-ce que cette prise fonctionne ? – Does this outlet work?

Ensuring your devices are charged is crucial, so knowing how to ask about power outlets is helpful.

16. Pouvez-vous appeler un taxi ? – Can you call a taxi?

If you need a ride, most hostels will be happy to call a taxi for you.

17. Je voudrais une autre couverture, s’il vous plaît. – I would like another blanket, please.

For those chilly nights, don’t hesitate to ask for an extra blanket.

18. À quelle heure dois-je libérer la chambre ? – What time do I need to check out?

Knowing the check-out time is important to plan your departure accordingly.

19. Où puis-je laisser mes bagages ? – Where can I leave my luggage?

Most hostels have a luggage room where you can store your bags after checking out.

20. Merci pour votre aide ! – Thank you for your help!

A little gratitude goes a long way in any language.

These phrases are not only practical but also a great way to show respect for the local culture and language. Learning these phrases can significantly enhance your hostel experience in France. Bon voyage!

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