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10 Tips On How To Pack Like A Pro For A Long Trip


It is well known that I have a deep passion for traveling; however, the process of packing for an upcoming trip can often feel overwhelming. As my travel experiences increase, I have come to appreciate the significance of staying organized. Whether you tend to pack at the last minute, like myself, or prefer a more prepared approach, these packing tips are guaranteed to assist you in traveling like a seasoned professional.

1. Invest in a high-quality suitcase:

As of now, my preferred choice is the medium-sized 24″ Fibertech suitcase from iFLY Luggage. (PS: Currently, I am hosting a giveaway for one on Instagram, so be sure to enter!). The medium size is perfect for those trips that fall in-between, where my large check-in bag is too cumbersome, while a carry-on proves too small. Having a dependable suitcase during your travels is vital in ensuring the safety and security of your valuable possessions. It is advisable to select a suitcase that is lightweight, durable, and, as a personal preference, equipped with four wheels for effortless maneuverability. An added bonus: iFLY Luggage’s bags come with a 10-year warranty!

2. Create a comprehensive list and check it twice:

Perform thorough research to identify all the necessary items for your specific travel destination and compile a list. Take into consideration the prevailing weather conditions, items that may not be provided by your accommodation or tours, as well as the duration of your trip. Anticipating rain? Don’t forget to pack an umbrella. Venturing into a tropical paradise? Remember to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Although certain destinations may offer shops to purchase forgotten items, the cost may prove exorbitant! Mark off each item on your list as you place it in your suitcase, and conduct a final check before your departure.

3. Organize your accessories:

Efficiently utilize small pouches to group similar items together, aiding in the consolidation of various belongings within a limited space. For instance, I prefer to store all my toiletries in one pouch, beauty/makeup products in another, and electronics in a separate one.


4. Opt for smaller sizes:

When packing your shampoos and lotions, consider utilizing travel-sized bottles. In the case of medications, carrying only the necessary amount for the duration of the trip is advised, rather than bringing the entire bottle. Instead of lugging around full-sized items, opt for travel-sized options, such as toothpaste and sunscreen. Trust me, the space and weight savings quickly add up! Fun fact: You can find mini empty bottles at stores like Target or Walgreens, allowing you to transfer a portion of your daily essentials without the need to carry an entire bottle.

5. Prevent spills:

To prevent any unwanted spills from liquids such as shampoos and lotions, utilize zip lock bags for secure storage. Your clothes and accessories will certainly appreciate this precautionary measure!

6. Plan your outfits according to each day:

How many of us have hastily thrown excessive amounts of clothing into our suitcases, only to discover that most of them go untouched throughout the trip? I must admit, I am guilty of this. Planning your outfits in advance helps to resist the temptation of including unnecessary separates that occupy valuable suitcase space. Instead, consider organizing your outfits around a specific theme.

7. Select a color scheme:

Opting for a color scheme and packing staple items that can be mixed and matched with multiple outfits proves invaluable. Personally, I prefer to pack various black, white, and grey pieces that easily complement one another. As a travel blogger, I understand the importance of maximizing space without compromising style. Enhance your outfits with a statement necklace or a vibrant scarf, both of which occupy minimal room in your suitcase.

8. Pack strategically:

Arrange the contents of your suitcase in a manner that aligns with the order in which you will require them. For example, if you have a multi-city itinerary, place outfits for the final destination at the bottom, ensuring that the items needed immediately upon arrival are easily accessible at the top.

9. Wear your heaviest layers on the plane:

Wearing your thickest coat or heaviest boots while traveling allows for additional space within your suitcase to accommodate other essential items. Moreover, this practice guarantees that your bag remains within weight limitations and alleviates any surprises at the check-in counter.

10. Bring an empty bag:

Have you ever found yourself wanting to purchase souvenirs or keepsakes during your travels, only to realize that there is no room in your suitcase? To circumvent this predicament, I recommend packing an extra duffle bag at the bottom of your suitcase, providing some flexibility and freedom to bring back mementos while returning home.

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